want to work together?

Marian R. Byrnes Park, Chicago, IL

  • If you're a student, please know that I do not run a lab and am not able to advise any student research at this time.

  • I am rarely able to take on an undergrad from UChicago as a research assistant in the summer, working in the field or doing non-field work (data entry, data organization, literature review, archival research). RAs are encouraged to apply for their own funding, a great skill to practice.

  • For collaborations in general (with other scholars, researchers, community groups, educators, artists, etc.), I'm open to having coffee and talking about your ideas and how we may be able to work together. This could also turn into a consulting project if that is most mutually beneficial.

  • I teach a practicum every other spring ("South Side Ecologies") where students collaborate with community organizations on ecology projects on the South Side of Chicago so maybe your organization has a project that could benefit from a small team of smart, motivated undergraduates.

  • I love featuring scholars and practitioners in my courses at UChicago so maybe you could give a guest lecture.

  • I want to lift up the voices of folks who aren't always heard, to include their stories, research, and lessons in my syllabus, so you could participate in, or recommend publications, videos or podcasts to use in, class.

  • If your career would be of interest to environmental and urban studies majors at UChicago, I can connect you to Career Advancement, so you can be on a panel and talk to our amazing students.

  • Similarly, if your company/agency/organization is of interest to phenomenal students at UChicago who will be leaders in the environmental, policy, urban, equity, sustainability, and governance positions, I can connect you to recruiting opportunities for graduates and internship opportunities for current undergraduates.

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